WeatherShield Ridge Vent

A primary protective component of roofing is one of the most important elements of a properly constructed roofing system. The WeatherShield Ridge Vent is designed to be installed at the top ridges of your roof. It has earned the designation of ENFINITY Integrated Roofing Accessories. It’s a less expensive alternative to many other ridge vents on the market.

WeatherShield adapted all the experience gained from decades of manufacturing traditional Ridge Vents to offer a product strong and reliable enough to be the foundation for today’s roofing installation. 

  • UV resistant polypropylene to prevent cracking, peeling and blistering over time
  • Weather proofing, underlapping joints to ensure a tight fit
  • Prevents debris, animals and weather from permeating the home
  • Fits a ridge from 2/12 to 16/12
  • Fully supported nail holes for ease of installation
  • Extend the life of drywall, insulation and siding by keeping moisture out