Sol-R-Skin Radient Barrier

Sol-R-Skin is an excellent thermal insulator. It is the most effective radiated heat insulator. Heat often moves from a cooler to a colder setting. Sol-R-Skin is a low-emittance layer for floors, attics, and vinyl siding. Blocking energy flows greatly reduces summer heat gain and winter heat loss. The system improves indoor temperature significantly while extending the life of your air-conditioning equipment while reducing cooling costs by up to 10%.

A colder attic ensures that less heat is transferred to the living room below. The greater the intensity of the outside sun, the better Sol-R-Skin does, allowing HVAC ductwork built in the attic to operate more effectively. Sol-R-Skin makes the attic more cozy, even on hot summer days, even for those homeowners who use it for extra room or storage.

Sol-R-Skin under vinyl siding, in addition to the roof and attic, prevents solar heat gain. Interior temperatures are significantly warmer, particularly on south-facing walls that would otherwise absorb radiant heat. Sol-R-Skin protects the living spaces temperature and  prevents the air conditioner from cycling indefinitely, and lowers summer cooling costs.

  • Performance across a wide temperature range
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Remains flexible, does not become brittle
  • UV resistant
  • Available in varrying weights, widths and roll lengths
  • More effective than single-layer barriers