Designer Shingles

The Core of ENFINITY Shingles

The Enfinity shingle is one of the heaviest asphalt shingles on the market. It features a durable fiberglass mat, coated on each side with weathering asphalt and is topped with our proprietary algae resistant, hi-def colored granules. The weight of this shingle helps it to lie flat and stay put on your roof.

  1. Colorblend Copper Coated Granules
  2. Top Weathering Asphalt Coating
  3. Durable Fiberglass Mat
  4. Bottom Weathering Asphalt Coating
  5. FastLock™ Self Sealing Adhesive
    • In addition to our thick coatings, the Enfinity shingle ensures performance against all-weather with our self-adhering, sun-activated adhesive FastLock™ strip, as well as 5 strips of construction grade laminate adhesive.

Algae Resistance Technology

The outer coating features embedded copper granules which inhibit the growth of algae, preventing unattractive stains, streaks and discoloration.

Made By Experts, For Experts

Enfinity shingles are preferred by contractors with our ArmourZone® 1 1/4-inch wide nailing surface, made up of a tough, reinforcing woven band for unparalleled nail-holding power.

HD Color Blending Technology

An ENFINITY shingle is guaranteed to enhance curb appeal with our advanced color blending technology.
We offer a wide array of color options to fit your home’s style.

Rustic charm, sophisticated urban chic.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, brick, wood, siding (especially light, medium or dark brown, cream or grey).
Warmly casual, relaxed, breezy.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, logs, brick, wood, siding (especially brown, cream or grey).
Granite Black
Formal, classic, urban chic, traditional, elegant.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, brick, masonry, siding (especially red, white or grey).
Casual, informal, relaxed, yet understated.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, wood, brick, siding (especially white, light to dark grey, medium to dark blue).
Laid-back, welcoming, carefree.
PERFECT PAIRING: Stone, wood, brick, siding (especially white or various pastels.
Pacific Rim
Dramatic, adventurous, bold, daring.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, wood, brick, (especially red or grey).
Sentinal Slate
Classic, dramatic, upscale urban.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: White or grey stone, brick or siding; black, white or grey trim.
Stately, formal, elegant, traditional.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, brick, masonry, siding (especially white, dove-grey or midnight-blue).
Cornerstone WWD
Natural, relaxed, stately, welcoming.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, wood, brick, masonry, siding (especially cream, beige or grey).
Emerald Green
Earthy, natural, soothing
PERFECT PAIRING: Log, wood or earth-tone composite siding, brick (especially red); brown, black or dark green trim.
Castle Grey
Formal, traditional, sophisticated, elegant, impressive.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, wood, brick, siding (especially white or various pastels).
Warm, inviting, expansive, dramatic
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Logs, wood siding, brick (especially red).
Frostone Grey
Clean, contemporary, upscale
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Natural stone, grey masonry, grey or white siding.
Shadow Brown
Transitional shades and earthy tones. Classic or contemporary elegance.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: Stone, wood, masonry, brick, siding (especially brown, grey or cream).
Monaco Red
Bold, dramatic, eye-catching.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: White, grey or beige stone siding or brick.
Atlantic Blue
Enduring, daring, different.
PERFECT PAIRINGS: White or grey siding, stone or brick.